No matter how much you love your job, or how hard you perform to meet your targets- you will always think about leaving your current job even if things are doing quite well, if you’re unable to understand the real reason why you want to quit. There are several different reasons why employees think about leaving their jobs.┬áMore or less, they will fall within five common reasons which most employees experience through the course of their career. Let’s go through each of these-

Five (5) reasons why employees quit

  1. Their Boss. Many employees can immediately attest that they left their previous jobs because they were no longer with happy with their relationship with their immediate boss. No employee can stay long in a toxic relationship with their superiors. A healthy relationship includes the ability to carry out your work responsibilities while still having a balanced lifestyle.
  2. Lack of Challenging Work. When their work does not give them enough room to test their skills and abilities, they may not be able to reach their full potential and feel deprived even if they can deliver their duties and responsibilities.
  3. Lack of Growth. Even when they do everything in their power to carry out their tasks, upskill and ask for other responsibilities and perform them, you can’t seem to move ahead.
  4. The Work Culture and Environment don’t fit your preference. Work culture and environment are not only limited to the level of comfort that you receive while in the office like the airconditioning and other free amenities (coffee, water, food, etc.). In order to stay longer with any company, you will need to see yourself as part of a group of people who share the same values and beliefs. Not having this can immediately give you a reason to go looking for a different company.
  5. The money is not enough. Let’s keep it real- we all want to work because we would like to provide for ourselves and our family. Not being well compensated can lead to bigger problems in financial stability due to our inability to provide for our loved ones.

Now that we know what the common reasons are, it’s equally important to find ways to prevent QUITTING from immediately happening. You can do this by forming positive habits at work.

  • Do your best at work. All types of work matters. No job is insignificant. Do everything to the best of your abilities and all things will fall into place.
  • Always look at the bright side of things. Stay positive even if you’re faced with a lot negativity in your workplace. People can influence you to think otherwise, but if you can manage to see the positive in most situations, it can allow you to become a better individual and member of any organization.
  • Be friendly and helpful. By exhibiting this attitude, you can promote a happier work environment and also provide a positive influence in your department.
  • Involve yourself with other projects. Don’t limit yourself in what you can do for others. Through collaboration with other members of the company, you will be able to gain new friends and find more meaning in what you can do for your organization especially if they are also involved in charity events.

If you’re seriously thinking about leaving your current employer, you should probably try to patch things up first by developing the positive habits we cited above. But if you’ve already done everything in your power to make it work, but still feel the urge to do so, you should know that there are a lot of employers out there who are waiting- you just need to find them.

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