We’re all expected to meet specific targets with our jobs. But why do we still sometimes miss out with our deliverables if we can easily say that we’re committed? We often make plans, follow through for a day or two, and then suddenly lose our enthusiasm before we could even complete the task. Eventually we stop doing whatever it is that we started.

If we don’t want to lose focus with our work commitments, we need to find ways on how we can instill a reliable practice like these-

  1. Set intervals to carry out our tasks. Don’t it all at the same time. Doing it in one go is not going to help you, it can only burn you out.
  2. Let your actions speak for itself, simply DO IT. Many of us simply plan and talk about what needs to be accomplished. It’s better if you start taking action by doing what needs to be done.
  3. Avoid announcing your new work commitments. While it can be exciting to start on new projects, it may not be a good idea to let everyone know about it. This can dissipate your drive and give you a feeling that you have already started working on it even if you haven’t done anything yet.
  4. Plan your work by writing it down. Write down your goals to help you stick and finish what you started.
  5. Work with teams to make complicated tasks simpler. A group who is working towards the same goal can make complicated tasks easier to accomplish.
  6. Overcome obstacles. Expect to encounter them every now and then. When obstacles arrive to impede your your progress, you should readily face it by solving it.

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There’s no shame in going back to the drawing board if your initial plan did not work. You could always try to look back, regroup, and start again. Resilience is something that you need to develop as an individual; to help you stick to your commitment and acquire a different perspective.

In the end, your ability to overcome work challenges, will make you more resilient in the workplace and make you more committed to finish all the tasks that you started.