FACT: People who have a personal development strategy are more productive at work. These type of workers are used to setting their own personal goals which they will pursue while they are working.

On the other hand, people without any personal growth plans do not contribute as much as people who have their own personal goals. According to experts, because they are not used to having goals, it will be more difficult for them to have a clear direction in their careers and achieve milestones in their lives. While there might be a few exemptions to this rule, it’s better to focus first on those who have a personal growth plan while they are still employed.

These are the common qualities of people with personal growth plans

  • Strong Mindset
  • A fixed goal that they want to achieve
  • Motivated to do their job
  • Great usable ideas that the company can benefit from
  • They are reliable, able to add a new project and still finish their regular tasks

Develop your own personal growth plan that can help you to be even better at work because this will keep you motivated and perform better at what you do for a living.

Follow these steps to discover your own personal development:

  1. Find out what you really want in life– what kind of job you would like to do and what you want to achieve.
  2. Uncover your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Set a time frame when you want to accomplish your personal goal. Issue a deadline for the goal that you want to accomplish in order to compel yourself.
  4. Always find time to work towards your goal. Do not consume all your time with your day to day work. In order for you to learn more, you need to allocate a dedicated time for this.
  5. Get formal lessons. You may even hire a tutor or enroll in formal schooling which can fits your schedule.
  6. Do it now. No amount of preparation can help than by  starting today. You don’t have to do everything at once, it can even only take one minute or ten minutes of your time- do not procrastinate and do it immediately.
  7. Do it daily, do it consistently. It’s better to do it for only 30 minutes every day instead of doing it for a full 1 hour once a week. Small regular steps that will help you build a habit is better than something that you do once in a long while.

Establishing your own personal goals are good. As long as it doesn’t hinder you from doing your job effectively, you should always pursue your goals and align it with your job. By doing this, it could also help you meet your deliverables at work and allow you to achieve career milestones to help you progress your career.

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