Have you ever been in a situation when you told yourself that you will start looking for a job, but you suddenly lose all the urge to do so? For some people, declaring their plans to apply for a job works for them because they use it as a personal reminder to pursue it. However, this strategy doesn’t work for all. If you’re one of those who experiences bad luck (or ‘jinx’ as what some people call it) every time you declare that you’re applying for job, then this article is for you.

If this already happened to you more than once, it might be time to stop talking about your plans when applying for a job. Just keep your plans to yourself, apply online or proceed to apply to the job personally if they accept walk-in applicants. You might want to stop telling people that you are currentky actively looking for a job in a certain position or company to avoid the pitfall of false accomplishments.

False Accomplishments

When you announce that you are applying for a job, you are in danger of acknowledging “false accomplishment”. Avoid making yourself feel that you’ve already completed the process of looking for a job simply by saying that you’re applying in a certain company or position. You’re also risking yourself to become over confident by not exerting the right amount of effort needed to pursue the job opening. Normally, a job applicant will have to go through a number of job interviews before they can get hired.

Always compel yourself to follow through with your applications. Be honest with yourself, do what you have to do, face your fears, and go through each steps needed so you can complete the job application process. Apply for job opportunities that you see but only congratulate yourself only after you have crossed the finish line- and that is by signing a job offer that you really like.

Do this but if you find yourself always going through the cycle of unsuccessful job application attempts, do not let your voice be heard only by your family and friends in social media. Make it a reality by also telling yourself that that you will continue to pursue other job opportunities again no matter what.

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In order to be successful, we all need to set our goals, be clear about our priorities, and pursue our dreams. To counter procrastination, it’s best to STOP TALKING and simply START DOING when we’re trying to find work. Think about the lost opportunities and all the possibilities of working for a company that you would like to be part of, and you will have enough urge to pursue your job applications.

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