For many workers, having a To Do list is already a common practice so they can always be reminded about the things that they still need to do. But keeping a to-do list may also be bad for you especially if you fail to complete all of the items that you write on them. It can give you a feeling of emptiness and unfulfillment at the end of the day.

Here are some of the reasons might end up feeling unfulfilled and unhappy even if they already have a To Do List:

  1. The list is not specific (too broad).
  2. It’s mixed up with their personal and work to do lists.
  3. There’s no sense of priorities.
  4. There are too many listed for a particular day which is no longer realistic.
  5. Things written down on the list are incorrect.

The only remedy is to make our To Do List work for us, instead of having it go against us. You can do the following best practices:

  1. Separate your lists for work and for personal matters.
  2. Write down specific and clear tasks that you could finish on a particular time.
  3. Figure out which tasks need to be completed as soon as possible and work on it immediately.
  4. Make a list of not more than five or six simple tasks a day.
  5. Figure out which tasks can be done first at the first half of the day or later during your shift.
  6. Finish a task before starting the next one.

Taking note of the things that you need to accomplish on paper (digital or printed) will always help declutter your mind and will help provide you the focus needed so you can accomplish your tasks on time.

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