We’ve all been first time jobseekers at some point in our lives. That time when we were full of high hopes and excitement about the job openings that we saw printed on paper and posted in different job portals. Unfortunately, this level of enthusiasm can be reduced if jobseekers fail on their first set of Job Interviews. If it’s your first time to become a jobseeker, how will you accept failure and be able to turn things around?

Understand that part of your journey in the world of work is to face rejection even if you have prepared for it. Part of the preparation includes updating our resume and rehearsing how to respond for job interviews. You can even do a dress rehearsal and look in the mirror to see if you look good before going out.

There are people who were fortunate to receive job offers from their first set of job interviews. But not all people are like them. Some have to go through the ordeal of freezing or even experiencing shock during a job interview. If you experienced this, you’re no different from thousands of first time jobseekers.

There are a couple of known reasons why Jobseekers fail to respond and experience these in their Job Interviews.

Here are the top 4 reasons why some first time jobseekers fail:

  1. It was just their first time to attend a real interview.
  2. They did not consume enough time to practice for the interview.
  3. They surprised with the questions that were asked.
  4. They memorized their responses, failed to internalize it, and were caught offguard when they were thrown out of their script.

If you noticed, we did not mention “Practice for the interview” as the first reason but we listed “It’s their first time to attend a real interview” on the top spot. Simply because it’s okay to fail on your first job interview. You should use that opportunity to learn from your mistakes and turn things around for your next interviews. If possible, ask the interviewer how you can improve yourself after receiving the bad news. Some of them might be even willing to give you some pointers on how you can improve your responses.

The best way to succeed in your job interviews is to have all other bases covered (how you prepare, look, and feel about yourself) and always be ready to respond to unexpected questions during job interviews. Practice makes perfect so always find time to rehearse it in your head first or in front of a mirror, you can even use the front camera of your smartphone to make it easier. The best way is to rehearse with a friend or relative so they can give you immediate feedback.

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If you can think of other reasons why you can possibly fail to respond well during a job interview, please share it in our comment box below so other readers can also use your it.

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