It’s true that not everyone can start and maintain their own small business. You should be proud if you’re one of the brave few who already tried putting up your own business while still working.  There’s no better way to learn the proper attitude, skills, and mindset by running a small business and applying it to your full time work. This is also the best way to provide capital for your small business and pay your personal bills at the same time.

One of my co-workers before, when asked about his secret on how to become a consistent top performer, would always say that “I treat my job like my own business”. Looking back, I think he’s absolutely right.

If we treat our job like it’s our own business, we will get to have better perspective about what we’re doing which makes us do things quite differently. By adopting this mindset, we will strive to improve, care, produce and act more professionally since this is what most business owners do. We will make ourselves more accountable with our actions.

In order for you to start treating your job as a business, make sure to go through these set set of skills, traits, and attitude:

  1. Openness. Be open to new ideas, suggestions and feedback on how to improve processes and procedures.
  2. Proactiveness. Even if no one is asking you to do it, if it needs to be done, do it. As long as you can assure positive results.
  3. Self-Discipline. Monitor your own behavior and maintain the positive ones. Get rid of bad habits.
  4. Don’t lose your Grit. Strive to achieve your objective even if there are obstacles along the way. Perseverance has always paid off for a lot of successful people.
  5. Be Creative. There’s more than one approach to solve a problem. Think out of the box if traditional ways of problem solving doesn’t work.
  6. Be Passionate. Genuine concern on what we do can be felt by our customers and colleagues.
  7. Work with your Team. No man is an island especially in the workplace. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed. Help others as well to the best of your abilities.
  8. Be a good Leader (or learn from the good ones). If you’re not yet in the position to lead people, always look forward to learn from good leaders in your company so you can apply them when you get the opportunity.
  9. Develop a good work ethic. Pick up good working habits that helps you meet your deliverables.
  10. Welcome competition. There’s no doubt that there’s also competition in any workplace. It can be for a job promotion or competing for customers within or outside the organization. The good thing about competition- it pushes you to improve yourself and your services.

Not all employees may turn out to become leaders, but if you possess or strive to acquire the other traits that we mentioned above, you can still benefit from these whether you aspire to run your own business or get a promotion. Let’s all learn from these traits so we can slowly learn to love our jobs like it’s our own business.

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