Whether we like it or not, job hunting puts you in a competition among other Jobseekers. You will need to be striking if you want to get the job that you want, you need to highlight your skills and abilities and be distinguishable from other applicants. How can you effectively stand out from the crowd?

That’s why we’re making it easier for you. We gathered all the information so you can easily attract the attention of recruiters and easily stand out among other applicants.

  • Dress to Impress. We can never stress this enough- remember that people tend to form first impressions based on what they see first.  It can be changed but it may take some time before anyone can do that. Easiest way to make a good impression is to immediately make yourself look the part. If you are applying for work in an office, you need to come in with your business attire, and even if you’re not going to work in the office, make sure that you dress the way they would expect people in that position to look like.
  • Highlight Relevant Skills. Match the skills that the job description has by putting what you already have on top. For example, if you are applying for a post that requires the ability to communicate well with clients through email and you have that written at the bottom or somewhere in the middle of your previous description of job responsibilities, revise your resume and move it on top of the list. This way Recruiters can easily see it now when they go through your resume.
  • Be articulate. Being articulate is the ability to express yourself clearly without leaving any room for misinterpreation. This does not only mean that you exhibit this for face to face job interviews. You’ll never know if some employers would prefer to do interviews over the phone as well. Practice being articulate whether face to face or over voice calls. Provide clear responses and explain yourself when needed.
  • Bring samples of your work. Some positions would benefit from this. If you are applying as a graphic designer, or with other occupations that would require proof of finished projects such as modeling, writing, makeup artist, visual artist, photographer, advertising creative, or web design, then it’s a must that you bring your sample works with you at all times for quick reference.
  • Say what you can bring to the table. Set examples on how you can contribute and how you managed to provide the same for the previous companies that you worked for. If you are a new to job applications, you could start by citing your contributions with your school projects first.

Many of us may feel sidetracked when looking for work because other Jobseekers seem to have the edge- by coming from better schools, gaining longer experience and higher level skills. This shouldn’t stop anyone from doing their job search. You just need to stand out by following the suggestions we provided and sooner or later you will land on a new job that you want.

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