When you find yourself overwhelmed by deadlines, don’t try to complete the projects all at once. Don’t panic. Keep your composure and do one thing at a time so you can complete difficult projects even when you still have other tasks to do. This way you can slowly but surely work your way through each project and eventually deliver all of them on time.

There are times when you might feel that you will not be able to complete your workload. Don’t sweat it, go through these pointers and use it as a checklist:

    • Do it a Specific Time
      When performing a task, do it at a specific or particular time each day so you can develop a habit. Forming good habits allows us to carry out our tasks naturally without feeling the pressure too much. Before you even know it, you have already completed the tasks.
    • Divide and Conquer (Break it in Small and Manageable Tasks)
      Find ways to divide your work load into small chunks. This significantly makes your job easier which allows you to finish your job a lot faster.
    • Plan your Work
      Before you start working on any project or tasks, take some time to create a list of things that you need to accomplish first. This can help you find a definite path to take when you finally start work.
    • Consistently Do It
      Try to do your work accurately without the need for revisions or corrections. This will help drive your consistency. By doing this day-in and day-out, with the same intensity and excitement, this will help you build a solid reputation at work.
    • Celebrate Small Victories
      Being happy with the work that you do is as important as other aspects of your work. Every time you finish a small task you should silently rejoice and be thankful for what you have done. Enjoy your small victories to make it easier for you to finish the whole project.

Martin Luther King said, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”

All you need to do is start, plan your work, make your tasks small enough so it doesn’t overwhelm you. Perform your tasks on a specific time of the day and work on it until it’s done. Eventually, you will reach the top of your staircase, and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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