We all have been through the same situation- we start our day right by doing everything as planned but somehow end up ‘not feeling good’ about our work life when the day ends. This has a lot of to do with negativity in the workplace which may already have been too normal for us. You can only begin to spot it if you put a conscious effort in doing so. We sometimes get bombarded with negativity on our way to work, while working or even during break times. Let’s take a look at some ways on how we can get rid off negative influence at work.

Protect Yourself with these Best Practices:

  1. Mind your thoughts, its the only thing that you can control. Negativity starts from within so if you constantly nurture good ideas and good thoughts instead, you will always feel positive about yourself and your work.
  2. Choose your words wisely and avoid saying negative things about yourself, other people, your work and your workplace. When you say words of encouragement and support to yourself and your co-workers you will be able to spread good vibes.
  3. Remember that what other people say, is simply their own opinion and you should’nt be affected. It may take some time before you can fully develop the tolerance for situations like this. But it’s certainly doable.
  4. Talk about positive experiences and activities. It always gives you something to look forward to.
  5. Focus on yourself and not others. You are the only one who could do positive things in your work-life and trying to mind the work of others will only stop you from doing your best, so if you need to improve make your past accomplishments your basis or metric for improvement.
  6. Find answers and solutions instead of focusing on the negative aspect of things. Finding the good stuff about your work will help you keep negativity at bay.

Sometimes no matter how you guard yourself against negativity it still creeps up on you without notice. So be cautious about what you think about, what you say and what you do, use the above suggestions so you could ward off negativity and invite positivity.

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