As employees, we should all aspire to get a higher pay especially if we back it up with the necessary skills to carry more duties and responsibilities for our Employers. Unfortunately, some of us think that tenureship alone should entitle you for a salary increase. Only by increasing your skills and abilities (and applying them for work) can we say that we deserve an increase.

Here are a few skills that you need to develop that will surely help increase your salary someday:

  1. Public Speaking. Although not everyone has the natural ability to talk in front people, it can be developed. It will take some good planning and practice in order to properly communicate to others but this is a skill that can also be acquired through proper training and practice. You can consider joining public speaking clubs like the Toastmaster’s Club so you can join like-minded people who also aim to improve this particular skill.
  2. Decision Making. Depends on many factors like data, previous experience, market conditions, competition, and many other considerations. When you learn to read, study and analyze what is best for your company, you can make better decisions to more positive outcomes for your organization.
  3. Business Writing. The ability to write correspondences through any form of writing (email, letters and social media) can help you take up added responsibilities. Not only can you better express yourself more effectively, you can also use this skill to move across departments in any company.
  4. Data Analytics. This might sound new to some people but it’s no longer a new skill. It’s increasingly being used to get insights across consumer industries in order to make sound decisions and adjustment in businesses.
  5. People Skills. We started relating with people the moment we attended our first school but we never really had any subjects to focus on improving this particular set of skills. There are books, workshops and even talks or seminars that you can attend to help you interact better with people in your organization across all levels.
  6. Learn a second or third language. English of course a prerequisite but it wouldn’t hurt if learn an extra language. Mandarin or Japanese is a good second or third language or you could pick a language to learn depending on the demand of your work or industry.
  7. Selling skills. This is probably the hardest to learn since it takes a lot of time, effort and patience. To acquire this particular skill, you will need to sell a product or service that you personally love using. Try selling it and improve your sales pitch as you get to close more deals day by day. You can definitely expect a big bump on your salary if you’re in a sales position through commissions or earn extra money from your own business.

We all want an increase with our take home pay. Knowing what you need to achieve and not quick to put the blame on someone else will not only point you to the right direction, it will also make you a better person so you can open up new career opportunities.

These are just some of the few things that you can do to make more money at work. Keep an open mind, always think ahead and do what is necessary to increase your effectivity. Take action today and upgrade your skills.

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