We were given an opportunity to interview an experienced Freelancer who shared her unique journey in the world of freelancing. She’s now a fulltime entrepreneur who co-owns a travel and tours agency. Take a look at the tips she shared below for aspiring freelancers. Use this as a guide so you can take concrete steps to increase your chances of landing on freelancing jobs or even to build your own business.

Ms. Elvie Manlulu, one of the co-founders of Kilometer Zero PH, runs a unique travel and tours online agency. They guide tourists to find unexplored destinations in the Philippines. Through her unique business and freelancing efforts, she also helps generate employment for our indigenous people.

She shared how she started out as a freelancer, her daily hustle and how you can also follow the same path~

  1. Develop your skills through Workshops and Training
    Aspiring freelancers should continuously learn about the particular freelance job that they want to get into by attending workshops, or by simply trying to learn online and offline (i.e books & magazines). There are plenty of ‘free’ trainings online or paid trainings if you want to speed up the process of learning.
  2. Enjoy What You Do
    As a freelancer, you need to enjoy what you are doing and then the clients will eventually follow. You don’t have to force yourself to like something new. Work on what you have now as long as you can produce quality material.
  3. Slow Transition
    You don’t have to do it all at once but you could do it slowly and then once you’re ready to commit yourself fully, you can do it fulltime and own it as your own business.
  4. Have Initiative
    Take it to yourself to do whatever it takes to make it as a freelancer, and taking short courses and learning continuously is one way to do it.
  5. Establish your Goals
    In freelancing you also need to have a clear path for you to be successful that’s why you need to have the vision to follow and having a roadmap will definitely help you as a freelancer. Decide what you should be able to achieve in a few months, a year and 5 years from now.
  6. Don’t Give Up
    No matter how challenging things are you should never give up on your dream of becoming a well-paid freelancer no matter what job it is. Be persistent and you will eventually be able to get hired as a freelancer in your chosen craft.

We hope that we were able to provide you a short guideline on how you can enter the world of freelancing. If you wish to listen to the complete interview, listen to our Buhay at Hanapbuhay podcast ‘Episode 111‘ and ‘Episode 112’ (available on June 2).