You probably already heard the word ‘Freelance’ for quite some time. It is because Freelancing has been around since the early 19th century with its early origins coming from the military. ‘To Freelance’ means that the person discharges the force of their skills into the work they love. Most freelance jobs now evolve in industries like technology, education, advertising and entertainment.

If you have been exploring the possibilities of becoming a freelancer, here’s a list of career paths that you could get into:

  • Web Design and Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Creative Writing (Scripts, Articles & Copywriting)
  • Photography & Videography
  • Graphic Design
  • Language Translation
  • Audio Transcription
  • Virtual Assistance (Customer Service, Marketing & Tech Support)

Some of these freelancing careers may also become a full time job with some companies. Before you pursue a career as a freelancer, you will need to acquire the specific skill sets necessary for the freelance careers that you chose. You will also need to prepare a work portfolio so clients can readily see it and hire you as they see fit. There are dedicated ‘freelance’ sites such as Upwork and who can help you find your first work as a freelancer.

You need to allocate time to learn or develop the needed expertise in order to perform the job. There are training centers, online courses and traditional educational institutions which can help you upskill. Freelancing is a great way to widen your experience and open new career paths.

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