In order to be successful, companies need to constantly attract qualified people in their organization so they can compete and continue to thrive in the marketplace. Recruiters have always sought effective ways of recruiting people in order to become successful.

Getting the word out to get the right person for the job can be challenging even for some experienced recruiters. Is there really an effective way on how other organizations do it? Or do you need to combine different recruitment strategies?

For quite some time, expensive newspaper ads became the main source of applicants for many organizations. Through the advancement of technology, it already became possible to significantly lower and even eliminate your advertising costs by shifting towards online job sourcing and posting. But there’s no denying that you can still get many applicants through this channel. Just like any marketing strategies, recruiting people should always be a combination of different tactics.

Here are a few things that you could do to drive a significant increase with the number of sourced applicants:

  1. Going Online. Many companies today are using social media and different online platforms to recruit new people. You should do this too because most people are already using it as one of the most convenient ways to attract people to apply to your organization.
  2. Network with Schools. Build your connections in Universities and Colleges so you can invite interns or join career networking events where you can introduce your company. Once that you’ve developed this network, you’ll be able to get a steady flow of new applicants fresh from schools.
  3. Join Job Fairs. Joining private job fairs will require a fixed budget. The good news is, we can offer you a free solution by participating in our official DOLE sponsored job fairs. All you need to do is to register and have your company or organization accredited. Simply follow this to get started with your registration.
  4. Referral Programs. Create a referral program where you can ask your employees to refer their own friends, neighbors or anyone they might know who are qualified for the job opportunities that you offer. A referral program can include monetary compensation for each successful hire. Imagine having 10 employees who can actively look for qualified applicants from their own network. This can easily fill your job vacancies.
  5. Hire a Recruitment Agency / HR Consultants. Consult an agency or an HR Consultant to help fill your requirements especially if it’s urgent. There are companies who specialize in attracting, recruiting and hiring people who can be a big help to you and your organization, so you may want to check your options with these companies.
  6. Hire or Promote Within. Promoting people within your organization to fill up other roles is a great way to retain and motivate your employees. THey will also be easier to train and direct because they already know your business and the people. Before looking elsewhere, look first in your own organization.

As a Recruiter, your goal should always be to get the best and the most qualified person who can do the job. We hope that by using these tips, you can eventually attain what you want. Use PhilJobNet to help you advertise your job openings.

Photo Credit: Getty Images