Not all company or organizations are created equal. Companies vary by the size of their workforce and their budget in recruiting people. There are legacy companies who have been around for decades now and newer companies who may have just entered or exited their startup phase. While they may both have different management practices when it comes to hiring people, they will inevitably share some similarities in recruiting people. One of their shared practices will be in their screening process. The use of Assessments definitely belongs in this long list of best practices.

There’s no doubt that established companies already have their own practice when hiring new employees, and newer organizations are still honing their strategy to attract the best people who can help them sustain and grow their business. If you’re an HR Practitioner, the first question that you need to answer about your candidates should always be, “Is this candidate a good fit for the role and position that we’re hiring him/her for?”

Find a Good Fit not the Best Job Fit

Job Interviews are no doubt also an essential part in the hiring process. But in order to effectively measure the candidate who’s a good fit for the job, you should consider including a standardized personality test to give you more insights about their personality types & characteristics. This way you can build your expectations on how they will interact and work with other people in the company. Additional standardized technical assessments can also be given from various testing services specific for the skills that you require.

You can deploy and use free online personality test services and have a Registered Psychometrician (RPm) analyze them for you. As per Philippine Law, an organization needs to have assessments analyzed, read and examined by a Registered Psychometrician especially if you use these tests to make hiring decisions.

Start with Personality Tests

If you are interested to find out more available resources on the internet about some of the popular Personality Tests, you can do a Google search for the following tests:

  • RIASEC – Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional
  • MBTI – Myers–Briggs Type Indicator
  • NSEW TEST – North, South, East, West

Deploying assessments can easily help you determine the natural inclination of Jobseekers if they will be happy and content with the role that they’re seeking. Remember, you can use these free tests that you find for free online, but it’s also imperative that you hire Registered Psychometricians or consult them to provide you guidelines on how to use it for your screening and hiring decisions, especially if it involves a good deal of interpretation and analysis.

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