It’s true that any role involved in Sales is not easy as they say. But successful Salespeople always say that being in such a position should motivate you even more to hit your targets instead of coming up with proposals to lower it or to find an excuse not to. After all, if you’re just new to a sales job, you’re given a week or two (even a month for some) to learn and plan your way to be good in what you do before your targets kick in.

We asked Top Salespeople and here’s what they shared with us

  1. You need to be SELF-MOTIVATED to do the necessary things for you to succeed every day. For example- you can send proposals, call your prospects and contact existing clients so you can strengthen your relationship with them.
  2. Activity is the key, they EMBRACE THEIR DAILY HUSTLE. They know that their behavior directly affects their sales effort and that its the key to hit their sales goals. Their ability to be consistent with their activities yields positive results.
  3. They think POSITIVELY about their role. They know for a fact that thinking negatively never helps so you have to think that you are able to make a sale even if the possibility of making it slim.
  4. CONSTANT PROSPECTING. They continuously seek new clients in order to become a good salesperson. Incorporate prospecting in your daily activities to get as many people as possible to be interested in what you are offering.
  5. GENERATE NEW IDEAS. It’s not enough to prospect and call your customers on a daily basis. You also need to find new ways to sell, offer and promote your product that’s why it’s important to think of new ways to get the attention of your customers and ultimately lead them to buy from you.
  6. DONT’S JUST SELL IT – HELP THE CUSTOMER. Often we are too pre-occupied with selling instead of helping the customer first. Try helping your customer first before you offer any of your product. You will begin to see a big difference in the client’s response to your offers.
  7. EXHIBIT PATIENCE. Sometimes you need to contact a client more than a few times before he seriously considers your offer. You must endure the wait and maintain your level of commitment to the client at all times.
  8. WRITE DOWN YOUR SALES GOAL. You may think that it’s enough to simply think about your sales goal, right? Professional salespeople know that it’s not enough. You must also write it down. When you start writing down your sales quota or sales goal, you condition yourself to always find ways to make it happen.

There are different approaches to become great in sales, but you have to begin somewhere. One of the few suggestions that we have here could help you tremendously. We recommend you pick one tip from the ones we listed and start implementing it immediately so you can see the difference. This can move your career as a salesperson at the right direction in no time.

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