For companies who deal with hazardous materials or construction, having a safety officer is not only a necessity, but also a requirement by law. Even if you’re not working in these industries, you also need to pay attention to the safety needs of your company. A safety officer is an employee or hired consultant who’s in charge of overseeing the health and safety of your workers and putting policies in place to avoid work related accidents.

Let’s review the benefits of having your own safety officer or having a consultant help you out with the occupational safety training and implementation for your organization.

Below are the numerous benefits of having a company Safety Officer

  • It can lower the risk of work-related injuries
  • Safeguard the quality of service or product that you render or produce
  • Protect your workers from accidental injuries
  • Avoid penalties that can be imposed by the government
  • Prevent sickness in the workplace

Companies that follow the proper safety guideline not only follow the recommendations of the government, they also make their workers feel safe and well taken care of which equates to better employee morale and greater productivity.

Even if your workplace is not considered as a high risk environment, you will still need to look into the health and safety guidelines imposed by local labor laws. The Department of Labor and Employment has detailed information for health and safety in the workplace, here’s a link to Department Order 198.

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