A lot of people dream of having good superiors to lead them. While there have been countless advice given on how to become a leader, it still is always helpful to know the difference between a leader, boss and a manager so we can easily see where we stand.

The Leader

A leader is someone who leads, although it really is just a simplistic definition, the true essence of being a leader should include the ability to lead and make everyone else follow your steps in order to achieve a bigger goal. Leaders have unique qualities like their abilities to lead by example, communicate well with their people and demonstrate good decision making skills.

The Boss

Being a boss always include an autocratic definition. If you’re the type who orders everyone to do things in order to get things done, then you risk of being labeled as a Boss. Although not entirely to be considered as a bad image, acting as the boss among your people immediately commands respect without taking any consideration of how they may feel about certain matters. It no longer involves a unique set of skills or characteristics that leaders possess.

The Manager

A manager is someone who administers and governs their department in order to safeguard business operations and ensure smooth flow in business. As simple as this may also sound, it also involves handling people and removing barriers that may prevent them from performing their duly assigned tasks.

Can these roles co-exist? A leader can become a boss and manager at the same time. But a boss and a manager may not necessarily be a good leader. If you’re already in a position to lead people, acquiring skills and traits to become a better leader should be your top priority.

Here are a few tips on how you can be a Good Leader

  • Having a positive outlook is one of the greatest traits of a good leader
  • Nurture your team and the people in your organization
  • Know the business, company, and people to effectively lead them
  • Continuously learn the business and everything about the business
  • Be a good example, do what is appropriateĀ set a good example better yet become a great person first
  • Evaluate your decisions carefully
  • Be accountable for your decisions
  • Let everyone know what your decisions actions are especially the ones that will affect the company and the people

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