How you think can greatly influence your actions and work output. If you can only see the customer as someone who drops by your shop to buy your merchandise or acquire your services, you might need to re-evaluate your attitude at work. Before it’s too late, remember, that you should start treating your customers as your boss and not just another necessary distraction in your day to day activities.

As an employee, we all report to bosses who give us orders on what to work on and who can also hold us accountable for our work performance. Even those who hold the highest positions in companies such as the President, reports to the Board of Directors. In your line of work, have you ever considered the customer as your boss? Some of us probably need to align how we think ON how we treat our customer in order to be more fulfilled each time that we help them meet their concerns.


Let’s say you that you’re a production worker and that your main job is to make sure that the food items are properly packed, fresh and clean. In this role, the customer doesn’t have any interaction with you but the quality of service that you provide will be directly experienced by the customer. In reality, you are also interacting with the customer through the food products that you prepare. What can possibly happen if you don’t do your job properly?

The food products may become unclean or no longer fresh. Your product can get a lot of bad reviews in social media which can be seen in a bad way. This can ultimately impact your business and its workers in the long run because people can stop buying your products which can result in lost revenues for the company.

This why it’s important to follow guidelines set by the company in food safety and hygiene. Failure to follow such protocols in production area will disrupt the quality of production and can dissatisfy a lot of existing customers which can in turn become a disastrous for your company. So don’t just try to please your manager or supervisor, always put the customer in mind and consider pleasing them as well.

Work to SERVE

So whether you directly interact with the customer or not, keep in mind that you are there to serve customers. They are the reason why you are working and why you regularly get your paychecks. When you do your job properly and exert some extra effort to provide quality product and services, it will be beneficial for all parties- to you, to your co-employees and for the company. Because at the end of the day, we all work to please the customer.

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