Ask yourself- “Am I getting new and valuable information that I can use for my job everyday?” Now imagine, if you get to learn something new every day which is relevant or useful to your job, the amount of new information that you can use for your occupation in 365 days would have doubled without even spending a single centavo.

People who learn something new about the job or industry that they work for are seen as someone who can help the company move forward and accomplish their goals. But the information that they should learn should be relevant to the industry or job where they’re in so they can apply it.

Learning as a tool for Self-Improvement

Experts say, if you want to move up in any organization, you should accumulate information that will be useful to your present job or future endeavors. The information that you should be taking in must be closely related to the job you are pursuing if you’re interested to get a particular promotion or job in other organizations.

Before learning new things, you should ask these two simple questions, “What direction do I want to take? “What skills do I need to get the job promotion?” or “What kind of job am I really looking for?” From there, you can determine the kind of information that you need to take in. For example, if you want to move forward in your chosen field, or become a leader, you need to learn about leadership and upper management skills which includes decision-making, negotiation and public speaking. This is only a few among many other skills.

Here are some ways on how you can learn something new everyday

Read. For many of us finding time to read is a bit hard especially with our schedule and workload. But if you want to learn something new, you can invest starting with a small amount with self-help books or even borrow from your colleagues who have them. The bigger investment lies in reading a few minutes each day to start the habit of acquiring new knowledge. E-books are also good options if you’re more comfortable reading on your smart devices.

Attending Seminars or Workshops. It’s true that the internet has made the world smaller. When you hear seminars or workshops, you don’t necessarily have to be there anymore. There are free online workshops, webinars and even seminars. If you have the budget you can even attend seminars about topics/skills that interests you. Seminars and workshops are investments worth your while since it can easily give you industry insights about the job, career and sometimes can even help you find a new job through its wide network of sponsors and partners.

Listen to Audiobooks or Watch Podcasts. Commuting to and from the office eats a lot of our time. Instead of just wasting this time by browsing social media or listening to music, use it to listen to audiobooks or podcasts on your mobile devices which can be searched in Youtube. Did you know that you can even download and watch Youtube videos on your smart device for free without using mobile data?

Find a Mentor or a Coach. Some may be lucky to have one. If you happen to have one like your boss or more senior colleague, find time to engage them everyday. Ask them questions about their work and if they have any input on about yours. You might be surprised how easy it is to learn from people who are willing to help. But if you’re having a hard time finding a coach or a mentor, you can even join Facebook or LinkedIn groups where you can meet like-minded people who are willing to share their best practices for free.

When you decide and start to learn something new, you immediately take a step ahead of everyone who doesn’t have any plans to acquire new skills if they were not being forced to. Successful people know the importance of learning even without having the need to enter formal schooling.  Embrace learning new skills and practices as part of your growth and career success will soon follow.

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