Providing constructive feedback is one of the most important aspects when supervising or managing people. A supervisor or manager will have to engage their employees with some form of coaching in the course of their work in order to improve work output and set work expectations properly. But you don’t necessarily have to be in a managerial position to provide feedback, you can also provide one to your teammates in order to improve efficiency in your group.

Consider improving the manner on which you provide feedback to your team members or colleagues especially if you have no prior experience doing this yet.

Here are some of the many benefits why providing proper feedback is very important

  1. Better employee retention. People tend to stay longer if proper feedback are given and expectations are set.
  2. Great ideas are generated. because of the two-way communication between the leader or boss and the employee. Open communication is encouraged and this paves the way for better ideas to come up.
  3. Better work performance. Employees who know what to improve on can freely do so without second guessing. Setting their expectations on what they need to improve on will greatly increase their work output.
  4. Boosts employee morale. Employees are highly motivated if they know where they stand in terms of their contribution to the company.

With all the above-mentioned benefits, let’s talk about how we can utilize extending proper feedback to employees.

Do these four (4) things in order to provide proper feedback

  1. Set a clear direction and work towards a solution. It should be clear that feedback is to make any issue clear and to work towards a solution and not to simply reprimand an employee.
  2. Mix it up with good and the ‘not so’ good points. Mention his accomplishments and not just the things that they should work on.
  3. Give time to listen. Let the recipient of the feedback talk and give his comments or ask questions about what has happened and what his or her next move will be after he or she has received assessment or comments about his work or attitude.
  4. Ask for a time frame. Have the person commit to a time frame that he can meet. Give ample time for the employee or co-worker to work on the areas of improvement that you mentioned.
  5. Stay calm and collected. Providing feedback and remember you are there for guidance and for a tongue-lashing.
  6. Do a one-on-one session. Ideally, feedback should be done one on one, face to face and in a quiet environment in order to avoid sharing the details of the session with other employees. Ensure privacy when communicating feedback.

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There are ways to properly give constructive feedback to people at work that makes them more responsive. If you have other ways of giving great feedback to your employees, please let us know by sharing your comments below.

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