Great workplaces most of the time share one trait- they are all a FUN working environment, while some of the easily forgettable workplaces are often too serious. We all tend to forget the importance of humor which can help lighten up our mood and unload work stress. Humor after all is an essential part of our day to day activities and human interaction.

In our research, we uncovered a number reasons why you should continue to encourage humor in your place of work.

Reasons why humor is actually GOOD in the workplace

  1. Reduces Work Related Stress
  2. Makes Routinary Work still fun to do
  3. Gives employees a different perspective
  4. Encourages Creativity
  5. Work Environment becomes more desirable
  6. Better Employee Retention
  7. Productivity Increases

So whenever possible, inject some humor in the workplace to promote these benefits. If you’re thinking of incorporating humor where you work, here are a few things that you could do to inject humor in our day-to-day activities:

  • Use Pinterest and browse funny pictures or illustrations- you can also print these and post it on your workstation.
  • Follow a social media page that focuses on non-offensive jokes, memes and office humor. Share these jokes from time to time.
  • Tell a funny story. It may be about you, or about something that you saw or read.
  • Share your humorous videos, quotes or stories to your colleagues using your authorized company messaging facility- FB Messenger, Viber, etc.

Although humor is great to liven up your day, you should also strike a good balance between work and humor. You cannot overdo the jokes that you blurt out in the office, one or two humorous lines is enough and then you could go back to your regular work routine. Interact with your officemates less between working hours and more during break times.

Be extra careful with the kind of jokes that you plan to share. Stay away from political, racist or ‘green’ types of jokes. It should not offend anyone in the office and if you happen to accidentally offend someone, stop joking about it and apologize. Be mindful about the feelings of others while incorporating humor in the workplace.

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