As a Recruiter, you should always keep in mind to treat Jobseekers fairly no matter what their cultural background, gender, educational attainment or financial conditions are. Each applicant need to be treated fairly and equally since they are still trying to find out if they are a good fit for your company. Applicants can change their minds in a single whim if you don’t manage to provide a positive experience during the early stages of their application.

Employers should also consider the fact that applicants can now share their experience in social media which can even sometimes generate a wider reach than what paid job vacancy advertisements can. This also goes the same for any negative experience that they might have encountered. Let’s take a look at what applicants can immediately see when you provide them a positive experience.

What Applicants immediately see if you treat them with Respect

  1. Positive Work Atmosphere. When you treat people with respect, you immediately make them feel that they are in good hands. This easily adds a good impression about your office. People who are waiting to be interviewed will carefully observe and try to get a feel about your company. They will not hesitate to go through the recruitment process even if it requires a considerable amount of their time. Promoting a positive work atmosphere starts at your reception desk, becomes critical when they start speaking to employees of your company and only ends when they leave your office environment.
  2. Boost a Great Image. Even if the job applicant wasn’t shortlisted but you managed to treat them well, they can amplify the good image of your company and become the best form of FREE advertising that you can have with your job vacancies.
  3. Positive Culture. When you start giving job applicants the respect that they deserve, you can slowly (and surely) build a culture of professionalism and mutual respect between your HR department and Jobseekers. The attitude shown by your front office will be immediately seen by new employees before they decide to join your company.

Treating people equally even if they are not yet part of your organization can definitely show how much you care about your employees’ welfare, customer satisfaction, and the success of your organization and its partners. Any interested individual who’s seeking a position with your company can be persuaded that it’s worth investing their talent, time and energy to join your organization by treating them all with respect.

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