Let’s face it. There will be a time in your work life when you have to decide whether to stay where you are or decide to move on to another company. The reasons might only because of these two things- you want to change the direction of your career or you’re hungry to grow as a professional. Will resigning increase your chances of getting promoted with another employer?

The answers may vary depending on your level of experience but if you’re unable to land on a promotion with your current employer, you probably still lack the necessary skills for the job. Or your attitude may not yet be appropriate job or position that you’re aiming for. If you’re unable to secure a promotion with your current one, it’s going to be next to impossible for you to get it with another company.

We managed to research the common traits, abilities, and skills of individuals who wants to get promoted. Go through these to help you improve your game.

Most common attributes of people who get promoted

  1. They upgrade their skills. This is probably one of the definite ways to get where you want to be in terms of being promoted. Find out what additional skills you need to learn in your field or industry. The new skill that you need to learn may be totally different from the previous skills that you’ve mastered. If you’re aspiring for a supervisory or managerial post, make sure to include people management skills as part of your list.
  2. They are emotionally fit. When you climb the corporate ladder, you will have to make hard decisions which may not be necessarily the most popular choice. People will question your decisions and you have to be ready for these kind of situations. You will need to control your emotions more than ever- avoid acting irrationally and treat criticisms as professionally as you can.
  3. They seek help when needed. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but rather resourcefulness. Guidance from experienced leaders is very valuable. By seeking the help of a mentor, you are seeking acquired wisdom and smart decision making of a person who has possibly encountered a similar obstacle before. The wisdom of leaders without you having to undergo so ask your leaders if they can guide you so you could find your way up the ladder.
  4. They constantly do everything to acquire leadership skills. They say there are natural born leaders but even if you were not born as one, there are still plenty of ways to learn how to lead people. The first one is quite obvious- simply by reading books or listening to audiobooks. There are even seminars about leadership that can cultivate the leader in you. Take opportunities to exercise your leadership skills by volunteering to lead small groups first. The best way to develop this skill is none other than applying it.
  5. Take assessments to discover their competencies. Sometimes when you assess yourself, you tend overestimate or underestimate your skills and abilities. It’s best to let your superiors test your skills, abilities, and knowledge about the job that you’re applying for. To help you not develop any form of bias, undergo an assessment facilitated by a third party which can test your leadership skills. You may also ask your supervisor or manager about this kind of tests so they can help you. Here’s an example using the Philippine TalentMap Initiative.
  6. Never lose hope. Sometimes even after you give all your best, you still can’t seem to get the promotion that you want. It simply means that you might not be ready yet. Treat it like you haven’t opened the right door yet. By learning the skills and attitude necessary for the higher position that you desire, you can prepare for the next opportunity when it arrives.

Attitude is Everything

Our attitude in facing adversity is everything. Learn how to respond to certain situations and find out what the best course of action is for each situation. Learn everything that you need to, and keep getting better each day. If you stumble, don’t be disheartened. Just and try and try again. With enough effort, you will eventually learn the ropes and climb the ladder to success.

You may not have what it takes yet to get that promotion that you want. As you try to improve yourself by upgrading your skills, you will slowly but surely learn and become more competent enough to qualify for the job. Normally, you just to improve one or two skills in order to increase your chances of getting that promotion. Once you figure out what that one skill is, work on improving that skill using the tips we provided.

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