Photos have already become part of our lives. We can now easily take photos just by taking our phones out of our pockets. In some cases, putting your photo on your resume may even help you land a job. But is it really necessary to include a photo to apply for jobs? Let’s find out.

Just remember that before you decide to include a photo on your resume, employers can never require applicants to provide a photo. It’s a ‘nice to have’ feature on your resume but it’s not really a must have. As a matter of fact, in some countries, it’s already illegal for employers to ask for a photo from applicants as part of their anti-discrimination laws.

Here in PhilJobNet, we’re just giving you an option to upload your best looking photo so you can immediately leave a good impression to employers. A photo can help an interviewer recall your credentials before you even get to meet them for your job interview. After all, job applications are beyond just face value, it’s all about what you can do for a company. But if you care to provide photos on your printed resumes, keep in mind these following tips:


  1. It should be the your latest picture. The photo shouldn’t be older than 3 years. The more recent it is, the better.
  2. Give your smile. It’s a job application. Don’t look too serious and avoid frowning on your photo.
  3. Wear your best outfit. It doesn’t have to be a complete business outfit. Smart business attire will work as long as it’s too flashy that will not blend at the background of your photo.
  4. Wear some light makeup (even men can do it). Just enough to remove your pale looking skin. Some light photo editing will also help if you’re not the type who likes wearing one.
  5. Find your best angle. We all tend to have the best angle with our portrait photos. Find your best angle. It doesn’t always have to be an ID like photo wherein your front facing the camera. Slightly move your head to the left or right to find it.
  6. Hold your head up high. Looking down can provide an impression that you’re proud of how you look. Look straight in the camera with your chin up.


  1. Wear printed or extra-colorful designs. Plain and simple color scheme will work. Prints and colorful designs can make you look too casual.
  2. Never use a Selfie. While selfies are very popular in social media, it’s not that appropriate for your Resume. Your resume is a professional document which you should supplement with a professional looking photo.

Remember that smiling will always be the most important element among the tips we mentioned. A good smile can make your simple wardrobe look better. Bring your smile with you during your interview and don’t forget to always display a positive. Putting your photo on your resume is just a simple way to create a good impression but it’s just the start.

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