There are usually three (3) small things that Jobseekers forget to do during their job interviews to increase their chances of getting the job. A job opening can have several qualified applicants with the same qualifications as you, so the competition can be really tough. Did you know that you can greatly increase your chances of landing the job by being mindful of your small actions before and during the interview? Take a look at the list below and remind yourself not to commit the same mistakes on your next interview.

3 Things that Jobseekers forget when attending Job Interviews

  1. RESEARCH about the Company. It’s no longer a matter of ‘HOW YOU DO IT’ like in the old days. It’s now a matter of WHEN WILL YOU DO IT. In most cases, we say to ourselves “I will learn more about the company” before the job interview, in which case we often forget about. Remember to do it intensively days before your job interview so you can process the information. Also, you can’t simply just find out what the company’s business is all about. You also have to find out where you fit in and how you can contribute to their growth and sustainability. Do your research to increase your chances of getting hired and finding out how you can fit in.
  2. NON-VERBAL language. Your gestures, the way you walk, the way you sit, and the way you speak can affect the decision of Recruiters recommendations to endorse you or not. Be pleasant, don’t slouch, sit up straight, and smile while talking to the interviewer. Confidence can exude with how you carry yourself around strangers. Interviewer are all strangers the first time that you meet them so you should definitely be able to impress them and win their confidence.
  3. ASK for the Job. Sometimes, what can set you apart from the rest of other applicants is your persistence. If you’re the only one who asked for the job, or did a follow up you will most likely be the one who will get it not unless the other job applicants are better than you. But if you in the same league as the other applicants you can stand out simply because you had the initiative to call the recruiter and ask for the job.

ADDITIONAL TIP: Is it safe to use a script for your job interview?

Are you the type who prefers to know what to say when attending Job Interviews? If yes, there’s nothing wrong with you. People who prefer to use a script when attending job interviews actually have an edge over other applicants since they already have a guide for the most common interview questions.

At first, you may not be able to get the right tone and proper delivery but with constant practice, you’ll eventually be able to use your script to your advantage. By having a script, you can even sound more serious about getting the job that you’re applying for since this prevents you forgetting 2 of 3 things tat most jobseekers forget during their job interview.

Practice until you don’t sound ‘Scripted’

There are experts who say that preparing a script can be harmful since you may end up sounding too rehearsed. While there’s some truth in this, we should also look at the benefits if you use one. People who formulate scripts will be able to respond to most of the common interview questions. Those who don’t may end up getting surprised with other questions or may even stop after the uttering the first few sentences of their answer. However, you should also be careful about using a script.

Scripts are best used as a guide- in such a way that you don’t have to deliver it word by word. Doing it this way allows you to focus on what you’re saying and at the same time on being mindful of how you effectively deliver your responses. Remember, be spontaneous and don’t just rely on the script that you have.