Sometimes, despite all your efforts to prepare for the job interviews you may still have a hard time receiving job offers. Your composure can spell the difference between a successful interview and tragic one. Failing an interview can may involve a number of reasons like not having the proper frame of mind, or even becoming too nervous when delivering your responses. Worse case is when you sound too rehearsed which can be misinterpreted as insincere and unnatural by some recruiters.

Job Interviews are opportunities for you to let employers see how well can handle the responsibilities that you’re after. Over preparing and under preparing for job interviews will lead to a disaster.

In order to shake off your nervousness, you need to do something that will make you feel comfortable with your job interview.

Do these to improve your Composure:

  1. Have FUN. You should have fun the day before the interview. If you already did your research about the company, you should be able to easily recall simple details about the company. There is nothing left to do but enjoy yourself. We are talking about good clean fun, nothing that will cloud your head or put a stress on your body when the day of the interview arrives.
  2. Recall the good things that you LOVE about working. This will help lift your spirits to pursue your application with a new company. Interviewers can feel this so only dwell on good memories that you had while you were working. This will help you be more motivated. What you want right now is to feel your best and not to over-think your job interview. Thinking positively about the outcome of the interview will also help you find the confidence that you need.
  3. Eat BREAKFAST. You need to have enough energy to beat the traffic and wait for some time when you arrive at your place of appointment. Don’t skip this important meal of the day since studies also show that you can think clearly with a full stomach. If your interview was scheduled in the right after lunch time, you will need to eat at least an hour or two before the interview to avoid feeling sleepy.
  4. Listen to your FAVORITE SONG or read a BOOK. Listening to music will calm your nerves. Soothe your mind instead of creating more anxiety by thinking about all the possible situations that could happen. For those who prefer to read, you can also bring one of your current reads.
  5. Arrive early to AVOID TRAFFIC. By now you should know very well the traffic situation in in major cities, it never subsides. In order to avoid further stress, plan your route and leave as early as possible for your interview. This way you will have more time to compose yourself before the actual interview happens.

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A Job Interview is not a Police Interrogation

Don’t treat job interviews like an interrogation. First of all, you’re not a criminal who’s guilty of a crime. A job interview is a just friendly talk between a candidate and a recruiter regarding the position that you’re applying for. If you happen to be right person for the job, you should answer their questions just to find out if you’re the right fit for the job.

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