Do you update their resume only when you’re already planning to transfer to another company? If your answer is YES, you are prone to omit a lot of your significant work experience if you continue doing this. For example, if you had several projects this year, you will not be able to remember all the details and responsibilities you carried out if you had to list them all down at this very moment. That’s why it’s very important to update your resume even if you’re not actively seeking for new employment or promotion.

Developing a Healthy Habit

Make it a habit to update your resume on a quarterly basis. Doing it on a yearly basis will also help you keep a healthy list of your detailed responsibilities without losing the important ones. This way, you will not easily forget to include your growing list of work experience.

Here are the other benefits of why you should update your resume more often:

  1. Gives you a CLEAR DIRECTION. If you’re planning to move to another company to pursue your career, it becomes second nature to revise your resume to make it fit the job description that you’re aiming for. By regularly updating your resume, it can give you a clearer picture of where you need to be in the next few months or years.
  2. Better outline of your NEW SKILLS. When you acquire a new set of skills after attending a talk, seminar or workshop, you should immediately write it down on your resume before you forget it. This will help you align your new skills with the old ones and exclude irrelevant old skill sets that no longer applies with your career direction.
  3. Gets ready for a PROMOTION. If you’re thinking about getting promoted, you should take time to revise your resume and include all the relevant contributions you’ve given for your department. It’s like selling yourself. Your resume is your selling point why they should consider you for the higher position. Doing 1 and 2 above will definitely give you the confidence to apply for a promotion.

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Your Resume is your Career Compass

Updating your Resume will help your career direction better and can help you decide along the way to move up the career ladder or change directions. By writing down a list of your current skills on a regular basis, this can help you analyze your weaknesses. Work to improve it so you can eventually add them to your arsenal of skills. You can always try to look at a clearer picture of what you can and cannot do by updating your resume.

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