Have you ever had an officemate or classmate before who can instantly light up the room every time they enter? The type of person who can instantly become the life of the party. People with pleasing personalities often get good impressions that not just because of their looks, but because of how they make people feel when they’re around.

It’s not impossible to be like them. You can be easily perceived as someone who has a great personality by being an inspiration to others. Being seen as someone with a good reputation can even increase the possibility of getting bigger responsibilities.

9 Ways to Build a Pleasing Personality

1. Become a BETTER communicator. This is on top of our list for a good reason. Communicating what you really intend to say and complimenting people even if they didn’t really manage to give their 100% are skills that you need to have. There are many ebooks and videos available now online that you can consume, so that you could learn to become a better communicator. Dedicate at least thirty minutes or an hour every day to start improving your communication skills by watching them.

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2. INTERACT with others more. Practice communicating with people by exposing yourself more with crowd. If you are not that sociable, learn to get out of your shell more often. You can slowly meet new people at work everyday while eating lunch in your common area in the office. Reach out of your circle by joining groups that captures your interest whether its inside or outside work hours.

3. Start looking at the BRIGHT side. Always try to look for the good things in any situation. When you get used to looking for the positive in the midst of unfavorable events, you will be able to eventually see the good in everything. This eventually becomes a habit where you can slowly see the benefits of positive sides in every situation.

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4. Incorporate FUN in your lifestyle. There should be a part in your life when you can have fun and enjoy personal things that you can share with your officemates. These are small things like your love for sports and hobbies. It wouldn’t hurt if you could incorporate fun in your work-life as long as it doesn’t interfere with what you do.

5. RESPECT your Customers. One of the most important thing that you need to remember is to always show respect to all of your customers no matter what. Customers aren’t only your paying clients, they also include people in your company who needs your services and assistance. No matter what your customer does, keep in mind that the “the customer is always right”. Keep your cool in any situation and don’t forget that your customer is the reason why your services are needed.

6. WIDEN your horizons by learning new things every day. When you continually try to learn new things that you could use in your present occupation, you can ease your way through your job because of the new and valuable skills that you acquire.

7. Speak up if you have something GOOD to say. Regardless who the audience is, if what you have to say is beneficial for the company or its clients, don’t keep it to yourself. Express your opinions in a professional way so you can provide information that will be helpful for everyone.

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8. Don’t try to be someone you are not. Being themselves never hurted anyone. In fact, this can furter show that you’re genuine. Don’t try to be another person because you would come across as a stiff and a fake. Be true to yourself because people can sense if you’re not true.

9. Provide SUPPORT to your customers in whatever way possible. A simple gesture of telling them that you’re there to help them will go a long way. Be supportive of your customers and they will see you as someone who they could always trust even if they haven’t bought your services yet.

In order for you to develop a pleasing personality, there are certain aspects in you that you need to develop and this isn’t only limited to how you look. More importantly, when you’re around people, you will need to think and be considerate more about them than yourself. Practice these nine (9) ways on how you can develop a pleasing personality and in just a short span of time, people will start seeing you as the person who lights up the room every time you enter.

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