People who pursue careers in selling will be normally asked to hit sales targets. Once they finally hit it, these targets are eventually increased in order to increase your sales output. Increasing your targets simply mean that your superiors already believe in your capability to meet this. If you already have a track record of hitting your targets, then you have the right skills to be in a sales team.

Selling involves different methods such as calling prospects, sending email messages and making client visits for presentations in order to create a sales funnel. It doesn’t matter which tools you employ to make your sales strategy work. In the end, what only matters is how you can effectively close a sale.

There are definitely other ways to close a sale for different industries. But there are 3 (three) surefire ways to increase your sales no matter which one you belong to.

Here are the 3 (three) steps

1. Plan on what you want to accomplish.

If you need to hit your sales targets, create a note that can be visible to you at all times. Set goals that are realistic and feasible which are clear and concrete.

2. Create a sales practice that can help you hit the goal.

Develop a habit that can be as simple as an hour to hour monitoring of how many proposals you’ve sent out and how many leads you’ve gathered.

3. Relate well with your prospects and clients (even they’re not ready to buy yet).

Develop a professional relationship with your prospects and clients even if they’re not ready to buy just yet. Be consistent about this. By doing this, you can generate a steady flow of new sales every month especially if you managed to make prospects and clients remember to go back to you the moment that they’re ready to make a purchase.

You either do more or do it smarter. Don’t forget that doing sales will always be a numbers game. It doesn’t matter how many leads you’ve talked to. What really matters is how many you managed to close at the end of the day. By doing these 3 (things), you are already

A good action plan in order to SELL:

  • Make a number of phone calls and send out email messages to your prospects and clients everyday.
  • Be concrete about what you need to say with your phone calls and email messages. Find what works and what doesn’t.
  • Simplify how you explain your services or products to your customers.
  • Find out if the customer really needs your product or service. You may can even ask the customer if the product can really help them.
  • Set goals that can give you results. For example, in order to say that you had a productive day engaging prospects and clients, you should be able to make 8 phone calls per hour.

You can definitely formulate your own action plan especially if you’re handling retail sales. Just remember that it should fit your job description, what you’re doing and that it should also be realistic.

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