Job Interviews are no different from attending special events. You have to carefully plan what to wear so you don’t end up over or under dressing. Part of your preparation for job interviews should include a plan on how to dress for success according to your prospect employer’s standards.

There’s no doubt that you can be at your best if you’re comfortable with what you wear. Some employers would require formal business attire but others are okay even if their applicants apply wearing only smart casual. Make sure that you pick an outfit that you’re comfortable with. Dress accordingly based on the Employers’ preference to give you an immediate advantage for your application.

Making a Good Impression

It’s no longer a secret that well dressed people have a strong sense of likeability and can easily gain a degree of respect. Dressing to impress your interviewers is very important. Although we always remind ourselves not to judge people because of their appearances, we still unconsciously form our first impressions based on what we see. That’s why it’s important for you to dress for success during an interview.

Here are a few suggestions on what to wear and do during an interview

  1. Full business, business casual or smart casual? Find out what the company’s preferred dress code is. Overdressing might make you look overqualified while under dressing might give them an impression that you’re not serious about the role or lack the experience. The best way to is to always match how their employees dress up on a regular work day to make it look like you can fit in with their company culture.
  2. Wear the appropriate footwear. You might get tempted to wear your sneakers or open sandals. Leather shoes do not need to be fancy but it should be clean and presentable. Wear appropriate footwear that matches what you are wearing and make sure it doesn’t show your toes.
  3. Watch your belt. If there’s a need to wear one, go for professional looking belts that matches your attire. Stay away from fancy combinations.
  4. Go gray or dark with your socks/stockings. These are the best ones to wear, but you may also opt for light colored ones if necessary. Stay away from fancy colors because you are trying to look as professional as possible.
  5. Make an exclamation point by wearing a necktie. Take a look around the office and if you get to see people wearing neckties, wear one too. Most offices already don’t require them so it’s not a deal breaker if you’re wearing a business attire without a tie.
  6. Keep your nails in check. Trim it neatly and avoid wearing bright colors for your nails especially the ladies.
  7. It’s okay to be conservative. Wear safe garments that will not be too revealing for women. Avoid wearing bright colored or transparent clothing.
  8. Wear some light make up. But don’t overdo it. You may want to find out how to properly put on makeup if you have not done it before. Always remember that less is better when it comes to putting on makeup for an interview.
  9. Highlight yourself with some jewelry. But again, don’t overdo it. Wearing some jewelry is okay as long as it compliments and doesn’t overpower your outfit. No big earrings, dangling necklaces for women and earrings for men.

Make them see you as a Professional

When you look at your best during interviews, interviewers can immediately see you as a professional. It gives you an edge among the many applicants that may want the same job. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear a coat and tie at all times during interviews. Simply match the culture of the company when dressing up for the interview and make sure that you dress according to what they expect of their employees.

We wish you luck with you next interview! Visit our blog articles for more job interview, resume writing and career advice.