Filipinos are naturally shy or timid when communicating with superiors and colleagues in the workplace. Our culture has never really taught us to be naturally assertive but we should still strive to learn how to become one. Why? Simply because Assertive people can communicate, negotiate and persuade people better.

Citing your issues and concerns at work can be effectively done without causing any conflict if you are assertive. Keep in mind that being assertive is different from being aggressive. Aggressive people attacks or ignores other people’s opinions in favor of their own. While Assertive people on the other hand are able to state their opinion while still being respectful of others. Take a look at the benefits of being Assertive below and tell us if you agree.

Benefits of being Assertive in any Workplace



You can create situations where everyone WINS


You can easily GET YOUR POINT ACROSS and get answers that you need


Earn the RESPECT of your colleagues and superiors


Gain INSIGHTS about people and yourself  to help you decide on certain situations


Make WISER decisions using opinions of others


Build BETTER Working Relationships by reducing conflict


Your WORKPLACE will give you more feelings of ACCOMPLISHMENTS



Be assertive in communicating in your workplace to open new doors in your career. It’s a delicate balancing act.¬† Remember not to be aggressive or too passive with your words. Find the right mix of words and practice it. This is a valuable skill that you could use for your career in employment and business.

Let us know if you have additional tips on how to be ASSERTIVE. For more articles, be sure to check out our EMPLOYEE TIPS and CAREER ADVICE sections.