Adopting a positive mindset is always harder than being negative. Most of us can’t help but think about the worst thing that could happen. It takes practice to be positive simply because we’ve been wired to be negative thinkers. Our brain naturally tries to protect us from harm. It doesn’t want us to feel the pain when we facing challenges or new situations. Our first instinct is to immediately think about possible reasons on how we can fail.

Going against this natural instinct is our biggest challenge as Employees or Jobseekers. By becoming fully aware that we are inclined to think negatively, we’ve already made the first step in conditioning our minds to find the positive in every situation instead.

Practice makes ‘Positive’

Be mindful of yourself when there’s a new project at work or when you’re encountering challenges with your job search. Immediately think of possible ways on how you can accomplish the project or look for work when you encounter problems or challenges (negative side). After that, think of possible ways of how it can work with favorable things in mind (positive side). It may not be that easy at first if you try to condition yourself this way. Eventually, your mind will get used to conditioning itself this way and it will start finding ways to overcome challenges or make your projects a roaring success.

This is an open secret about our how mind works. We can slowly refocus to positive thinking each time you’re given new projects or face challenges.

Keep in mind these five (5) things to adopt a Positive mindset:

  1. Be cautious of your negative thoughts.
  2. Acknowledge the negative aspects, but do not entertain them.
  3. When you find yourself thinking negatively, immediately think of the positive things that can happen.
  4. Think and find ways that can help you achieve the positive results.
  5. Act on it. Your new found positive thinking can only be reinforced only by doing something good or positive.

Becoming a positive thinker is not going to be an easy task. You will have to slowly change how you react and think when facing challenges at work. Using the 5 things on how to adopt a Positive mindset, you will slowly but surely convert the way you think.

Practice makes “Positive”, try it and it could help you not only at work or business, but also in your life in general.

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