Getting comfortable with your career doesn’t mean that you should keep the same level of responsibilities for long periods of time. In order to move your career forward, you should not settle for anything less than just worrying how comfortable you are with your current role.

Similar to personal relationships, it can take years to form stable relationships with the right people who can help you climb the ladder of success in any workplace. Identifying with the right people who can help you with this early on during your stay with the company will also play a vital role with your career success, but more importantly, you need to look back into

Keep in mind these 3 important things to move your Career Forward


  1. Apply for the Job (that you really want). The sooner you find out if you are qualified for the job or not, the better. If you get hired for the role, you just made your first step. But if you weren’t considered for the role that you’re applying for, don’t be immediately dismayed, you can still do something positive with your existing work.

2. Improve your Work. Just doing your work and doing it ‘exceptionally’ are totally different. You could be doing your job but not improving it. Conscientiously improving your work output will make a big difference. Be on the guard and always check your accomplishments from time to time. It’s not never enough just to do your job. You should do it with the best of your abilities and strive to do better all the time.

3. Acquire New Skills. Whatever your job is, try something that you could do to get new skills so you could add them to your skills arsenal. Ideally, the skills that you should acquire must be related to the field or industry that you are in. If you’re not yet in that desired industry, it shouldn’t stop you from learning and applying new skills that you could use in your day to day life.

Think of your skills set as your tools. With the right collection, you could use to make your job easier. New skills will also help you get to a new job position and a new level in your career if they are in line with the job or the other skills that you already have.

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