Leaders and great speakers throughout history captivate their audience by prompting them to act on their behalf. They consistently use words and phrases that urge us to think and move in the direction that they desire. As a leader, if you want to influence your employees to act according to your desires, you should level up your speaking skills in order to captivate and move your audience.

What Great Speakers Do

  1. Over-Emphasize. You may use words to exaggerate what you would otherwise say in a simple way. For example, instead of saying that their spaghetti is delicious, you can say “Your secret ingredient is wonderful, I have never eaten a ton of spaghetti in my life before.
  2. Power of Repetition. You could use words or phrases repeatedly to hammer your point and to transition to your next statement. When motivating your team members, you can say- “I believe you can do this, I believe you can prove yourself, And I believe you can show them your worth.
  3. Use the Power of Words. Although poets, writers, and songwriters rarely do public speaking, there’s a good reason why their words are never forgotten. They’re very creative in using colorful words to create metaphors. You can even borrow the words of your favorite writers in your speeches. Doing this during your speaking engagement will definitely increase your level of engagement.
  4. Make it appear that you’re only catching your breath instead of pausing. This technique takes a lot of practice. By speaking without appearing that you’re pausing, you can illustrate that you are driven to make a point that can’t be interrupted. But in reality, all speakers need to pause at times. Instead of making it look like you’re catching youir train of thought, take deep breathes in between pauses to make it look more natural.
  5. Use of Rhymes. Ever wondered why songs and poems have a nice ring when you hear them? It’s all due to rhyming. Compared to plain and simple words, the use of rhymes resonates in our listeners’ ears which can be easily received by any listener.
  6. Show two sides to every story. When great speakers talk about the rich, they would often say something about poor people as well. If they talk about white people, they also discuss black people. Providing two sides of every story can always improve your credibility and win sentiments towards your cause.

These are some of the added tools that you could use to make your talks more engaging. There’s no best way to acquire all of these skills for your speaking engagements but through constant practice. Make sure to apply them all when the next opportunity to speak arrives.

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