Learning how to communicate well in all levels of the organization should be your top priority if you want to be successful in your career. You can always improve your skills, not only in terms of how you say and pronounce words, but also on how you can sound more assertive. We’ve done the work for you and made some research that can help you communicate better with your customers and colleagues.

Five (5) Best Practices that you can do when communicating with co-workers and clients to be more Assertive

  1. Show RESPECT at all times. You should be careful when talking to people in the workplace especially with your clients. Although not all customers demand courtesy, you need to express it at all times, regardless who it is. People will always remember how you make them feel rather than what you say. If make people feel respected, they will remember that you are a good employee and will mostly deal with you in the same manner.
  2. Be brief and to the point. Find ways to be concise with what you say and write especially regarding matters that involves you and the welfare of the business. It’s important that the way you communicate should be simple enough to be understood and short enough not to waste everybody’s time.
  3. Be crystal clear about what you need to say or write. Trim down what you need to say or write in order to convey clarity. In business, the more you’re sure about what you say the better it is. There should be no room for shady explanations. Delivering clear words and statements are better even if your intention is just to make people laugh.
  4. Only provide the necessary details and make it flawless. The information that you convey should be correct, there is no room for wrong information. Business thrives on the right information which is disseminated in the proper way. The entire operation of a business will be jeoparized if inaccurate information are shared.
  5. What you’re saying should stick together well. Just like playing music in the orchestra, each section should compliment the other parts, in most cases the succeeding parts of music builds toward the climax which makes the listening experience unforgettable. This is also how you should communicate, each part of what you say should compliment the other unfolding parts. Your whole statement or letter should you be asked to compose a letter.
  6. Make it short and simple but complete. Don’t forget to include all the most important matters that you need to discuss. Create a simple outline of what you need to say. This way you will not forget the most important facts that is necessary to communicate well.

Apply it in spoken or written form

There will be several situations where you will be required to speak such as meetings, presentations and even simple conversations with your colleagues or superiors. By using these pointers, you can increase your chances of getting your point across in whatever you say or write and become more assertive with how you deliver your message.

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