Most of you already started this journey or are already probably done with schooling, but do you already have a clear picture of what to do after school so you can get hired faster? When small children start learning, they gradually get introduced to the alphabet, vowels, and consonants before they can read simple words like cat, dog, and bag. Later on, they’ll be able to read more complicated sentences. In your life as a student, you were constantly asked to do more complicated tasks as you move up the school levels.

For example, students who decided to take a short course on welding, already have a clear picture in their minds of what they want to be- to perform industrial work as welders. They will weld and create from steel and iron using welding tools. It’s also highly possible that they might go to another country to perform this job.

No one can be satisfied by letting someone else decide for them of what they want to do for a living. You need to have a clear picture in your mind of what you want to be in the future in order to attain it. It’s also helpful to have a step by step guide on what to do to assure that you reach your goal.

Know your specific goal and line up the next steps you can take

Are your specific goals aligned to what you are doing right now? If not, you may want to align to what you are doing at the moment.

For example, if you’re taking up a course in college right now that you don’t really like, either your parents’ choice or you ended up with your least desired choice- there are actually two options that you can take. First, finish your current course and plan to take up your desired 2nd course shortly after finishing it. Second, immediately shift your path by taking your desired college course, the one that you really wanted to pursue.

Hopefully, you don’t have this kind of dilemma and that you already chose the right course that you really wanted to pursue. But if you’re experiencing it, you need to align what you’re doing right now to pursue the career that you really want.

Here’s a Step-by-Step guide on how to pursue your desired Career

There are various approaches for each discipline but there are general guidelines that you could use to pursue career success. Someone who’s studying is already doing the necessary first step. The next step, after studying, is to look for a job domestically or abroad. This depends on the individual’s definition of success. If part of your definition of career success is to work while studying, or to take up another course while working, then you should take concrete steps to build around these goals by following these steps.

  1. Build your Skills. While attending school, you should already start building the skills that you need to land a job successfully. Figure out the current in-demand skills in order for you to easily get hired. It’s best to ask people and expose yourself to the industry that you plan to join. Ask and research what kind of skills are necessary to acquire so you can prepare for it. Joining companies for internship programs will also greatly polish and enhance your existing skill set.
  2. Write your Resume. Prepare a one-page resume that will highlight who you are, what skills you have and what you plan to achieve. We have a ton of information on how you could successfully write your resume in order to make you more appealing to Recruiters.
  3. Acquire ExperiencePursuing a relevant internship program is one easy way to do it. But don’t just stop there. You should gradually acquire experience successfully get a job later. If your school asks you get at least 300 hours of job-related experience and you have remaining time, double it. This may not be favorable to some of you but it will help you tremendously and this is probably one of the best ways to acquire relevant work experience.

Adding these 3 additional steps to what you are currently doing could give you an immediate boost and right confidence to pursue the career that you want.

If you feel you are still not confident to take on real-world challenges you could always go back to these three steps. We hope that this article helped you prepare with the steps that you need to take in order to reach your life goals.

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