Delivering great presentations at work is never an easy task. Good thing we’ve already seen a a lot of examples from spectacular presenters like Steve Jobs. By adopting the best practices from experienced presenters, we can significantly improve our presentation skills by learning one step at a time.

Depending on how your skill level and acquired experience in presentations, you can apply six different ways to tremendously improve how you deliver and engage your audience. Incorporate these tips one-by-one until it becomes natural.

6 Ways to Improve you Presentation Skills

  1. Share what you’re passionate about. These are the things that you love, and live to do. We all have them and you’re probably able to talk about what you love to do for hours and hours without getting tired. You probably already know what this is, but if you don’t know yet this will be the first thing you need to do. Find out what your passionate about, figure out what you love to do, and then try to incorporate them in your next presentation.
  2. Tell your audience a Story. It’s better to tell a story rather than just rely on a power point presentation to share facts, data, and bullet points. Stories are easier for any audience to grasp because they tend to listen more. Our brains are hard-wired to listen to them which explains why it’s actually easier to remember novels, movies or television series rather than what was discussed during your last business meeting.
  3. Teach something new. Can you always find something new to teach? You definitely can as long as you open your eyes, look around and find the more meaning in things that you see around you. When you really look deeper into these, you will always find new ways to teach even if it’s the same old subject matter.
  4. Appeal to their senses. Experts also mentioned that if you want to engage your audience, you will need to address all of their five senses if possible. It might not be possible to appeal to their sense of touch and taste, but you can still appeal to their sense of sight and hearing. Use pictures to mesmerize them. Play music and change your voice to catch their attention. When you notice that people are still not that interested in what you’re talking about, increase your voice volume and then soften it to make them listen more closely to what you’re saying. Trigger your audience to use their imagination by using words to influence them to paint pictures in their minds.
  5. Shock Your Audience. It could be as simple as telling them something that they don’t know yet. You could even bring an unusual prop to show to your audience, make it unique so that you can wow them. Be creative when devising a way to shock your audience- while still remaining professional.
  6. Inject Humor. You may not be naturally funny but there probably was a time when you made someone smile or even laugh. When you made them laugh it was natural, right? Try to go back to that time in your mind when you made people smile or laugh and then try to inject them during your talk. No one enjoys too much seriousness in the room. Making people laugh will put their guard down and will make them naturally more inclined to listen and tune in to what you’re presenting.

Remember The Three Topic Rule

It’s been scientifically proven that adults can only remember 3 things when attending talks and discussions. If you plan to deliver more than 3 topics, you might risk losing your audience’s attention during your presentation. Keep your presentations at an ideal duration of 15 to 18 minutes so you can manage to make your audience listen without exerting much effort, make them understand well, and easily remember your salient points.

Try incorporating these practices with your next presentation and let us know if it helped you engage your audience more. You can even immediately gauge how your presentation was received by observing the positive reactions after.

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