We’ve all seen it, employees tend to move out of companies more at certain times of the year. Have you ever stopped and thought about the reasons why your colleagues and other employees leave to work for other companies despite having favorable working conditions? The answers are really just quite simple. If you’re in a position of managing people, you might want to consider improving some of your practices to prevent losing your best talents.

6 Reasons Why Employees Leave

  1. Lack of Job Advancement. For some, having to work for something that will help them grow in the organization that they are working for will help them see the future clearer. However, if they don’t see any clear future for them in the organization, they will start looking for another company to work for.
  2. Their Immediate Superior/s. Leaders or managers are the reason. According to recent surveys, the boss is the reason why people decide to get out and go to another company. You may not be treating your people well, or you may not be there when they need you. Lack of presence and guidance in your part may also be the reason why they go out and find another employer.
  3. Bad Work Environment or Culture. You may have the best office in the block but if the work and especially the people are toxic, you’ll be facing the grim reality of employee turn over. Try to walk and talk around the workplace to find out if you still have a healthy place to work if not you could find ways to make it a great place to work.
  4. Compensation or Salary. Surprisingly, it’s not the top reason why people move to another company. This poses a great threat if you wish to retain most of your employees, especially the good ones. They may not be vocal about it but your workers should be well compensated based on your local industry standards and given the proper increase if they meet or exceed their goals.
  5. The Work Itself. There may be too much work to do which is no longer healthy for any employee. Working for more than the prescribed time with or without additional compensation is an impossible expectation for any worker. This can lead to a toxic work environment that no employee can survive.
  6. Other Benefits. There are companies who are big on perks for their workers. Try to check their attrition or turn over rate and you’ll notice that they have employees who have been there for several years- and they have never really seriously considered transferring to another company. A steady flow of extra treats and ample benefits provides employees a reason to stay especially if they can’t find it elsewhere.

The Only Guarantee to Receive Fewer Resignation Letters

While reasons for leaving may vary from one employee to another, providing a great work environment & culture, giving proper support and encouraging your workers to grow their careers with you is a guarantee to significantly reduce employee turnover rates.

Give them enough room to grow, keep them motivated and adequately challenged with their work. By doing these, you may will see fewer resignation letters handed over to you.

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