Pressure brings out the best and sometimes worst in all of us. Yes, there are people who thrives working under pressure and there are also those who are unable to perform well. Which type of worker are you? If you’re not one of those who thrives to work under pressure, you may want to consider doing these things to help you turn things around.

14 Ways to Make Pressure Manageable at Work


See it as a challenge and not as a problem. Avoid being overwhelmed by focusing only on the things that matter and not occupying yourself with the deadline. Think about it as a simple obstacle that you can easily tackle.


Have fun doing it! Positive feelings will make your mind act naturally to treat challenges as a fun activity. This will not only make it look easier to accomplish, your body will also not see it as a stressful activity.


Tell yourself that “I’m at my best during times of pressure”. It may also help to think that you are performing at your most optimum during a challenging situation. Believing that you can go through tough work situations is almost as good as completing half of the task.


Only focus on the task at hand. Focus on the things that you have control over. It’s no use worrying about things that you can’t control. Focus on what you can do which can empower you and in return this can take the worry out of your system.


Don’t think about the possible consequences if you fail. Think about the best things that can happen when you manage to pull off the challenging tasks in front of you. Always be positive and consider the best outcomes that can come out of your efforts.


Always pinpoint the positive things. It’s a good idea to enumerate the good things you’ve done and the good things that you could do for the project. Practice seeing the good things and you will have a better outlook that will help you accomplish what needs to be done.


Create a mental map or outline of your priority tasks. When you know where your’e headed, it will be easier for you to get to your destination. It’s no different with work projects. No matter what additional tasks or unexpected work comes in, having a mental map outline of your priority tasks will always get you back on track.


Plan ahead of time. Write down the steps that you will need to take and this will be a clear guide on what you need to do and what you should avoid.


Take simple steps to complete the project. When you have the steps ready, what you need to do is follow the steps necessary to do the job. Having simple or uncomplicated steps can relieve the tension that is associated with your tasks.


Check on your progress by setting up ‘Checkpoints’. It’s a good idea to take a look at what you have accomplished. It makes you feel good because you have finished a task and may help you to move forward to other parts of the project.


Take Short Breaks. Take a 3-minute walk in the office or have a coffee or sandwich break that can take your mind away from the job for a brief moment. Use this time to blow off some steam and take a breather to regain your focus.


Listen to Classical music. It’s been scientifically proven that people who listens to classical music becomes more productive and focused due to its stimulating effect in our brain. Although you can also play other music genres, you can also listen to other types of music as long as it does not distracts you from what you do.


Assemble a Team. If possible, ask people to join you. Having like-minded people doing the same things together is a lot better than doing tasks alone. Let everyone know what’s happening and give them the details of what needs to be done so they can help you achieve the objective.


Delegate Tasks. Once you build a team of people who can help you, it’s time to let them know about the project and then let them choose which ones they can on. Letting people decide what they want to do will make them a better part of a team and can eventually help take pressure off your shoulders.

It’s quite normal for people to get a feeling that they’re stuck and paralyzed when faced with work pressure. The best thing to do when you feel pressure is to take a step back and try do first what you can at the moment. Don’t hesitate to take action or this will only increase the tension. Do what needs to be done as soon as you can and act accordingly.

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