While in college or in your last two years in high school (senior high), you should opt to start applying for an internship in the proper industry that you want to be part of. There are existing job assistance initiatives for the public sponsored by Local Government units like what the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) offers and even Internship job assistance programs from our national government that can help young people to get the appropriate training to get hired eventually. JobStart is one of our Government’s job assistance programs that has produced thousands of graduates and hires through partnerships with private employers. The program aims to help the youth develop their skills and discover their potential in the world of employment.

There are many forms of internships that you can do as young adult. You can look for internships, apprenticeships or On-The-Job Training (OJT) to learn first hand from the people who are already in their respective careers that you want to pursue. You should do this while studying even if your school is not requiring it.

Here are 5 Things you should do to get an Internship from Organizations


Write a letter stating your intention. Say that you want to become an apprentice, an intern or you want to be an On the Job Trainee. You may also see sample cover letters on the internet or ask the help your professor or instructor so that they could help you compose a letter that will help you get an internship.


Choose the appropriate company where you want to become an On the Job Trainee. For example, if you’re studying to become an Architect, you should then find a firm that specializes in architectural works or drafting. What the company does should be closely related to what you are currently studying.


Write your resume precisely. A one-page resume is preferred, unless your qualifications and job experiences are broad. Employers prefer to read a short but powerful resume.  You can find many articles here in PhilJobNet about how to create a resume and here is one that you could read “Resume Writing Tips for first-time Jobseekers


Prepare for the interview. First impressions last so you have to make a positive impression to be able to ace an interview and land that intership position that you’ve been eyeing. Treat your application just like how jobseekers would treat their job interviews.

Before going to an interview, you should first be mindful and research the company and of course the internship position that you’re applying for. This is just one of the many tips you must do with interviews. Here are articles on that could help you prepare for your first interview click here.


Look your best when you get a chance to be interviewed. They say that the first seven seconds when meeting someone can have their first impression of who you are. Always choose an outfit that you are comfortable with. We have an article that will help you “Dress for Success when applying for a Job” but always remember that your smile is the best dress you can wear because this is showing that you are enthusiastic and interested about the role and also about being part of their company.

Your On-the-Job Training can be done during your summer break or semestral breaks. It may even be possible to do it on days when you don’t have classes. It all depends on the arrangement that you have with the organization who will give you the opportunity to grow and be part of their team. Some of these Employers might even be interested to hire you once you finish your studies so you should definitely give it all your best.

When you finally get accepted as an Intern, you need to fulfill the duties that will be given to you and treat it as a real job. To read more about how you can maximize the opportunity given to you, please read these articles.