The self-help book “Only the Paranoid Survive” was written by Andrew Grove which was published way back in 1988. The book provides a good reminder to all of us about being on our toes no matter what. Although this was published more than 2 decades ago, the lessons we can derive from it are undeniably still very useful and all of its pages will be very helpful to anyone who would like to improve their respective careers.

Here are some of the things that you could learn and apply at work in order to survive and thrive in the workplace:

  1. Do important things right away. As employees, when we’re asked to do something by our superiors, we need to do it right there and then. Ask when the task is needed and when you find out that it’s supposed to be done ASAP, make it your top priority. Set aside everything else and do the task immediately.
  2. Work like you have a Stopwatch on your hand. Execute your tasks swiftly. When you promise to finish a certain project at a given time, do it. Don’t let time slip by because every minute counts.
  3. Commit to a Timeframe. As we are always pressed for time, you have to always be wary of the available time you have left. Always check if your project is keeping up with the promised deadline. If not, you must do something about it by focusing all your avialable energy to that task so you can meet the deadline.
  4. Devise a Fluid Workflow. Develop your own workflow system which you can establish in your own workspace. Within this workflow, include other important elements such as engaging colleagues and superiors.
  5. Always Look Forward to create something New. This is not only limited for people who work in the creative department. It could apply to anyone. Do something worthwhile for the company you are working for. Find out how you could do something for the company by engaging and participating in teams that are working on new projects. All types of work may end being repetitive at some point, but you can always find ways to do your usual tasks a little better. These new approaches may even end up as part of new processes that you can share with the company.
  6. Be wary when you’re Low in Battery. Employees who have rendered a significant time at the same department or company for several years now are especially vulnerable. If you’re in this similar situation, check your work drive if it’s still the same as when you first started. If not, you need to find a way to adjust your energy level and attitude so you can realign yourself and still become a reliable employee.
  7. Prioritize important matters first. As an employee, you will be performing a number of duties and tasks for your organization, but are you really prioritizing to do the most important things first? If you’re not sure, it would be wise to coordinate with your immediate superior to find out if what you’re focusing on are priority tasks. If this is not the case, you will need to refocus your attention to the most important thing that needs to be addressed.
  8. Job Security. Look at the competition and find out what they are up to. As an employee, you could keep competition a mile away by doing your job the best that you can. Continue improving by developing new skills and being especially good at what you do.

Never Settle in your Comfort Zone

Stay on top of your game and never stagnate. Keep reading, go to seminars, listen to authorities in your field. Keep on learning new information especially about the industry that you belong to. Being employed is not only about your paycheck. It’s about continuous growth and contributing to organizations where you belong to.

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