Picking up pieces of ourselves after getting derailed is one of the hardest things we need to do. Regaining lost self-confidence is only possible once you learn how to forgive yourself. Find the courage to embrace opportunities once again to improve your situation at work and don’t let fear overcome you.

Do these five things that you could do so that you could easily get back where you left off

  1. Consult your immediate superior or colleagues. Supervisors and Managers are there for a reason- to help you. If you think it would better to consult someone else within the organization who has more expertise in the area where you failed, do it. Don’t keep it to yourself especially if you have no idea how to improve things.
  2. Address the issue. When you figure out the reason why you lost your confidence, you need to address it immediately and plan your course of action. Plan out the steps that you need to take in order to regain that self-confidence. It can be as simple as an apology email to your stakeholders or peers if you made a mistake during a presentation or meeting. Or you can directly talk to the affected parties and ask for an apology if you provided inaccurate information that compromised their work.
  3. Move forward and do the right thing. Pinpoint the issue and take the first step towards the right direction. Make sure you do things that will build on your past success. After all, one mistake cannot overshadow all the good things that you’ve done in your career.
  4. Look at past accomplishments. Visit all your past success and achievements to rebuild your lost confidence. Don’t dwell on the bad side of things when you find yourself thinking of the negative stuff pull it of your head and focus on the positive.
  5. Be Forward-Thinking. Plan for a better future at work by seeing yourself pursuing more projects that will interest you. You were hired for a reason and you cannot afford to dwell on your mistakes.

In your career, there are always things that will define who you are and there will be many of circumstances that will try to break you. We should never settle for anything less other than making ourselves grow by learning from our mistakes and having a persistent attitude to move forward. Time is always at your side as long as you do not lose focus simply because you cannot forgive yourself.

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