Sometimes, we just need to take a break first from our daily routine at work in order to improve our quality of work. All of us have primary tasks that needs to be completed, but finding ways on how to do our work more effectively and efficiently should be our top priority.

Whatever type of work you signed up for, meeting your primary deliverables should always be your top priority.

Here are a few things that you could do to improve your quality of work:

  1. Starting next week, think of 3 new ideas every day to help you improve the quality of your work. It can be as simple as setting daily output goals with how many clients you call from different industries, doing proofreading with all the documents that you create before sending them over to your superior or applying new formulas in Excel to create your report.
  2. Write it down on paper or use your smartphone’s notepad/memo app so you can always see it. The act of writing it down will help you focus in doing it, can act as a constant reminder, and will eventually provide you more insights on how you accomplish it. Our brain actually works to solve problems even if we’re not consciously thinking about it- so this is one way to to come up with better ways on how to do things.
  3. Apply these new ideas at work. Limit these ideas within your job description and constantly find ways to apply your ideas to your job. If you’re seeing positive results, ask permission from your superiors if you can share the best practices with your colleagues.

Working on this exercise continuously five days a week for 20 days, can give you 60 new ideas on how to improve your work. Do this for one month and you’ll start seeing a big difference on how your work turns out. It can also boost your brain power by giving you different ideas on how to do your job faster, better and more efficient.

Don’t be afraidĀ  to break the routine

We all get caught up with our work routines at times. What’s dangerous about it is that we sometimes fail to recognize the inefficiency since we already got used to it. You can dramatically change how you work in any organization by being more efficient and innovative. If you constantly think of new ways to improve on how to do your job within the next few weeks, you will see a big difference on your work and how you handle things.

Just make sure that you work within the rules and regulations of the company to make things better for yourself and the organization that you’re working for. If you’re unsure whether the ideas will be allowed by your employer, you can always consult your immediate superior before doing it.

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