For some of us, when facing difficulties at work, it becomes hard to move on to the next phase unless someone in the organization helps us out. We also face emotional challenges at work since offices revolve around human relationships. It’s no different than your home or school. Add in other factors such as work pressure- the expectations that you deliver with the quality of work at all times may become overwhelming at times. Blaming yourself because of these things will only stop your growth not only at work, but also as a person.

Here are some things that you could do to stop feeling ‘guilty’ about what you’ve done or did not do:

  1. Handle Rejections.

    Don’t take it personally if you work was not given a thumbs up. It only means that you need to do better. Ask your superior or stakeholders for the result that they expect of you so you can easily bridge the gap to the outcome that is expected.

  2. Love Yourself.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. Knowing that you’ve done everything should give you the passport to move forward and not bother yourself too much of your past mistakes or blunders. You always have control over what’s going to happen next with your career.

  3. Trust Issues.

    When you have been trusted to accomplish something, do your best to accomplish it in order to preserve your colleagues and superiors’ trust. Some people have a hard time building trust due to past experiences. If someone manages to break your trust, don’t be too hard on them and allow them redeem themselves in the future. The same goes for you. Ask for a second chance if you somehow ended up breaking the trust of important people at work.

  4. Let the past stay there.

    Whatever you have done in the past is finished. Occupying your mind with these things will only hinder your growth. If there was a project that went south, the best course of action is to identify first what went wrong. Afterwards, instill all the proper measures in place to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Focus on develop new things that will help you win existing and future projects.

When you have done everything in your power and it still did not go the way you planned it, don’t be too hard on yourself you need to accept that it is what it is. It doesn’t mean that you need to blame others.

The important thing is that you learned from it and that you continuously find ways to make things better.

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