Giving style to websites has always been a wonder for a lot of people. However, what most people are unaware of is the existence of HTML Developers. An HTML Developer is the one who handles the “backbone” of the website. In addition to this, they also develop the landing page and needed applications for the improvement of websites.

There are lots of jobs related to the Web, so having the skills of an HTML Developer is an edge. Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is an effective way to build websites and web pages. This is why it is advisable that you also learn CSS and JavaScript. Learning Python and/or PHP is also essential in order to make web pages more interactive.

HTML has two kinds of developers:

Have you ever noticed the drop-down menu features of websites and blogs? Or the manner how photos, videos, and other content are organized? These are just some of the responsibilities of a Front-end developer.

Their outputs are not as visible as those of the Front-end developers. They work on the programming and integration of parts such as database and application. Because of the Back-end developers, websites become more interactive.

The following are tips on how you can become an HTML Developer:

1. Learn HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, Python and other programming languages.

If you really want to learn the smart way, this could help you build a strong foundation in the field of programming.

2. Apply what you have learned.

Knowledge is power, but knowledge without action is useless. Make sure that what you have learned is done through practice. This will solidify whatever theory you have learned.

3. Create a special project.

If you have the budget to create your own website, blog or a single web page, showcase your skills in this.

4. Make a portfolio.

This could be posted online where you could feature your special projects. This will be useful when you start looking for a job as this will serve as a reference for your future employers. This will give them a good picture of your character as an employee.  

5. Be an apprentice or have an OJT.

Make sure to have both eyes and ears opened if you have been accepted as an apprentice or On-the-Job trainee. Filter the good things and all the bad things behind.

6. Try freelancing.

Do this if you haven’t landed a job yet but have already created/ in the process of creating your own site. You may go to sites like Upwork to give it a try.

7. Apply for the job!

The projects you have been involved in may have prepared you to become an effective HTML developer. If you already have sufficient knowledge and experience, you may want to start sending resumes to a few companies. You may also put out your resume on job portals like

It only takes a single line of HTML code to insert photos and other media into your websites/blogs, but it will take you a lot of perseverance to passionately master your job as an HTML Developer. Mentioned above are just some of the tips for you to become an effective HTML Developer. Are you a  bit stuck because of the cost of starting your studies? Worry not, for you may want to go the free route. Just visit this site to learn coding for free.