We all want to get a job faster especially when we need it the most. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get hired right away. But for most job seekers, the waiting game takes quite a long time, leaving them hopeless towards the job they want to pursue.  Worry no more,  this article will surely help people who would like to get a job in the shortest possible time.

Here are some effective tips to help you get hired fast

Establish your credibility

Position yourself as a one of a kind employee by emphasizing your unique skills and abilities. Focus on your personal strengths and positive attitudes. Provide specific examples proving that your answers are credible and genuine.

Craft an impactful resume

Resumes are employees’ first pass in getting a job. Make your resume simple yet outstanding. Provide a brief summary of your qualifications. Only put relevant information that needs much attention. Cite examples of your past experiences in the industry. You may also want to specify your future plans and possible contributions for the company once accepted.

Get good job references

As much as possible, get referrals from someone who currently works for your desired company. If you don’t know anyone from the organization who could refer you, you may ask your previous employers who you think would be able to give you positive feedback.

Do something for the company even before you work there

If you’re really aiming for that job, you may want to do a little something extraordinary for them.  Do something which is aligned to the job that you’re applying for. This may be quite difficult to do especially if you don’t know anyone from the company, but doing so would definitely be an advantage.

For example, if you’re applying as a writer for a particular company, you can write an article about the industry that the company belongs to and present this during your interview. Not only does this give you more insights about the industry, it can also give the impression that you really strive to be a part of their company.

Highlight your credentials

Demonstrate your experience in your field by highlighting your credentials. Credentials may be any of your previous awards, achievements or related work. If you cannot squeeze in all the information in your resume, you may always provide a link to your online resume or portfolio where you could include everything.

Present yourself well

Always be presentable when you show up for an interview to give a good impression to the interviewer. Wear your best and most appropriate attire and don’t forget to smile when addressing them.

There are thousands of applicants searching for jobs everyday, be sure to leave your mark.

These ideas will help you find a job a lot faster, but if you want an even easier way, register now at PhilJobNet.gov.ph to make job hunting less painful.

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