The ability to answer a phone call in the office is an added skill that all employees should have. You will represent the company every time you answer the phone and you should carefully observe these professional practices which is considered as Telephone Skills:

1. Warm Greeting

Be pleasant when picking up the phone, remember that you’re always representing the company. Your tone of voice will definitely reflect on the phone. Always wear a smile when you pick up the phone.

2. Phone Etiquette

These are the basic phone handling tips you should always keep in mind:
– Do a Proper Greeting- say “Thank you for calling [Name of your Company], how may I help you?”
– Always say the Name of the Company and your department
– Listen attentively to the Customer
– Speak Clearly
– Give the Customer your full attention

3. Note-Taking

– Always have a pen and paper handy beside the telephone so you can write important information given by the caller
– Write down phone numbers and other information legibly so that anyone who read it

4. How to put the customer on hold

– Ask for permission from the customer that you are putting him/her on hold, never put the customer on hold with letting him know what you will be doing.
– Advise the customer what you will be doing when before putting him on hold
– Don’t put the customer on hold for more than 1 minute
– If you need to put the customer on hold a bit more, go back to the customer and let them know that you are going to put him on hold a bit longer so you can get the information they need.

5. Transferring Calls

– When transferring calls you need to let the person on the other line what the information that the customer gave (his name, phone number, the purpose of the call and other details)
– Never put the customer blindly transfer the call

6. Handling Frustrated Customers

– Stay Calm. Avoid mirroring the customer’s frustrated behavior
– Listen to the customer’s concern
– Remember that the call is a business call and not personal
– Sincerely apologize on behalf of the company
– Resolve the issue

7. Be in Control

The tone of your voice is also very important, you need to show that you are in control with your voice so make sure to be firm but friendly and always keep in mind that your customer is your priority. Make issue resolution your top priority.

Remember to be patient with your clients and customers. Always be professional and smile to give an impression of warmth and sincerity on the phone.

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