Some of the jobs today, such as those involving Social Media, wasn’t even thought to be possible until the late 2000’s. If you own a smartphone and frequently use Facebook or other social media platforms, you probably already have an idea how digital marketing works and can apply for entry level jobs in this field.

Three Entry Level Jobs in Social Media:

Digital Marketing covers a wide variety of practices and one of these involves Social Media. There are three (3) entry level jobs that you could look into if you have the necessary skills and background:

  1. Social Media Marketer

    Plans, schedules and monitors social media activities with their social media pages. This job involves writing (mostly captions & copywriting), planning content and data analysis.

  2. Web Content Writer

    This role requires skills in writing and research. Their responsibilities include writing blog articles, knowledge in basic html editing (for online publishing duties) and some copywriting skills too.

  3. Multimedia Designer

    Primary responsibilities include editing photos & videos and creation of Audio-Visual Presentations (AVP) & infographics. They give life to all the ideas planned in their content calendar by putting their skills to use to create new content for the social media platforms.

These are the things that you need to do if you want to start a career in any of these positions:

  • Learn everything you need to know about social media. Have a broad understanding of how it works and how it affects interaction of businesses with people and other businesses.
  • See where you fit based on your current skill set. Do you want to be a social media marketer? Make sure that you already know how to write interesting articles/captions, plan & execute campaigns and analyze data for reporting.
  • Get some form of training if you don’t have the skills yet. Figure out where you can start your training in your desired field. Internship programs from companies are good options if you’re still in school but if you’re already working, you might need to enroll in short courses online or institutions that offer shourt courses / programs.
  • Know your audience. Once you’ve chosen among the three available career paths, you will need to pick a field of interest since social media caters to a wide variety of audiences such as Travel & Leisure, Entertainment, Health, Technology & Businesses (B2B, Information Technology, etc.) & Public Service (Government, Transportation, etc.).

These new work occupations are just some of the available jobs in PhilJobNet. Employers are now looking for new employees to join them to help them in Digital Marketing. Don’t forget to register and log-in to PhilJobNet so we can match your work preferences.

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