The foundation of good organizations have always been its people. A lot of great companies invest their resources to streamline their hiring processes so they can attract the best talents available. Start by reviewing your own company’s hiring procedures and see if it resembles the recruitment practice of successful companies.

Are these part of your current Recruitment Practice?

Positive Environment for Jobseekers

As soon as Jobseekers step in your receiving office, they should immediately feel a positive energy. Start by giving them a warm welcome.  Have your front desk or security personnel greet them and offer assistance. You can even radiate more positive energy by requesting your people to smile at all times, especially Recruiters when they head out to meet candidates for interviews and assessments.

Always Hire the Best Candidates

Implement guidelines in decision making in order to hire the best candidates for the job. Focus your hiring efforts on QUALITY and not QUANTITY.

Putting the Company’s Vision into Action

Conduct regular meetings with your executive team to give them a venue to effectively communicate your organization’s goals to your management team. All recruitment initiatives should fall in line with organizational goals. Place your Company’s Vision statement in conspicuous places at work where your Recruiters can readily see it to remind them every day that what they’re doing is essential.

Providing Room for Salary Negotiation

Carefully craft salary packages to candidates during job offers. If a candidate is qualified but was not pleased with the salary offer, most likely they will want to negotiate. Be ready for negotiation especially for your candidates in the higher positions.

Using Technology to your Advantage

The increase in the number of online job portals didn’t make sourcing candidates any easier. Not all platforms are suitable for your requirements. Find out which platform will best serve your Recruitment needs by getting industry insights first about which job candidates they attract. Do they attract the same people that you need to join your workforce? If not, look for the job portal that best suits your requirements before you make any significant investment in it.

An effective Recruitment practice can bring your organization closer to its Mission & Vision goals. Build a strong Recruitment practice to attract and bring the best people in.

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